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WinBoss Odessa

WinBoss Loyalty

A big loyalty system that gives you more than you expect
WinBoss Odessa

How to join

Getting a card opens up a lot of opportunities for you


Visit the slot hall WINBOSS ODESSA on Rishelievska street, 59


Register with our hosts with any form of identification. Then fill out the agreement to process personal data

Required formalities

Fill out the form and get your WINBOSS STANDARD card

Let's begin!

Accumulate points for games on our slot machines and electronic roulette
WinBoss Odessa

Point system

Accumulate points and use them as you wish

Points are credited to STANDARD/VIP loyalty cards as a result of realized bets and depending on the amount of those bets.

Loyalty points can be exchanged for tickets for WINBOSS ODESSA giveaways and promotions.

Regardless of the card level, it must be confirmed once every 2 months.

How do I get 1 WinBoss Loyalty point?

We give points on these terms of game:

  • Any slot machine (except EGT)

    10 UAH

  • Slot machine EGT

    15 UAH

  • Electronic roulette

    50 UAH

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WinBoss Odessa

Terms and conditions for WinBoss Loyalty cards

In any of the packages we give more than you expect.


  • WINBOSS guest card
  • The number of points on the card: ≤250.000 points
  • Free parking
  • Free admission to concerts and events

WinBoss VIP

  • Loyalty card WINBOSS
  • The number of points on the card: >250.000 points
  • All bonuses WINBOSS STANDARD
  • Exclusive terms and services
  • *Excluding Grand Opening

Rules of WinBoss Loyalty

  1. 1. The WINBOSS STANDARD/VIP cards are named and cannot be given to other persons.
  2. 2. Validity period of the card WINBOSS STANDARD / VIP - 1 year
WinBoss Odessa

Bonuses and special conditions for WinBoss loyalty cards

We are always adding to this list of features, so with us you get more than you expect
  • Privilege

    WinBoss STANDARD

    WinBoss VIP

  • Participation in promotions

  • Personal offers



  • Free parking

  • Free admission to concerts and parties in the WinBoss ODESSA slot hall

  • Free shuttle service from the train station, bus station or airport

  • Special conditions for accommodation at the "Black Sea" Hotel

  • Concierge-service

  • Card freezing for 2 months

WinBoss Odessa

Answers to questions

Here's what you're interested in: how to get the card, how to use it, how to change the status of your WINBOSS LOYALTY card, what to do if you lose it, what to do with your points, and more.

How do I get a card?

You can get the card by visiting the WinBoss slot hall at the address: Odessa, Rishelievska street, 59, provide documents proving your identity, register in the database by filling out and physically signing the registration form.

Can I get a card online?

The loyalty card can be obtained by physically visiting the WinBoss slot hall in Odessa, Rishelievska street, 59.

How much does the WINBOSS LOYALTY card cost?

The card is absolutely free.

Can I get a WINBOSS VIP level card right away and how do I do it?

The first step is to get a WINBOSS STANDARD card. By accumulating loyalty points (250,000 or more) the card is replaced by the staff of the slot hall with a WINBOSS VIP card. It is not possible to get the WINBOSS VIP card right away.

Can I get several cards at once?

1 person can get 1 WINBOSS card.

Can the bonus points on the card be lost?

Accrued points are kept on the card for 2 months. When the card expires (12 months), the accumulated and unrealized points are cancelled. Also, to keep the card up-to-date, it must be confirmed once every 2 months. If this does not happen and you are a WINBOSS STANDARD card holder, the accumulated points will be cancelled.

Can I use the "freeze" card service?

Card freezing service applies to WINBOSS VIP cardholders. They can freeze their card for 2 months by notifying WINBOSS slot hall representatives.

Can I play at WinBoss slot hall without a loyalty card?

In the slot hall WINBOSS, as well as in any other gambling establishment, you can be only with a loyalty card, because it keeps information about the identity of the owner and the accumulated bonus points. It is impossible to play without it.

Can I pay with my card in a restaurant?

Loyalty card is not a means of payment and can only be used in the hall of electronic slot machines WINBOSS at the address: Odessa, Rishelievska street, 59 exclusively by the owner of such card.

Can I give the card to someone else: friends, partners or relatives?

The WINBOSS LOYALTY card can only be used by its owner.

What do I do if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?

If the WINBOSS LOYALTY card is damaged, lost or stolen, you must inform WINBOSS ODESSA slot hall representatives within two days to avoid fraudulent use. In this case, a new card will be issued with preservation of status and accumulated points.

Can the card be taken away?

The card can be taken away in the following cases: fraudulent use, giving to another person, change of identification or personal data of the cardholder without informing the representatives of WINBOSS slot hall about the changes.

How long is the WINBOSS loyalty card valid for?

The card is valid for 12 months, subject to confirmation at least once every 2 months. If this rule is met, a new card is issued.

How is the card validated?

After the money is credited to the card, it is confirmed with the reader in the slot machine.